How to organize storage in the dressing room

If your clothes closet is too small or if you have no clothes closet at all, but only shelves – read this article. If you have a million dresses and no idea how to store them comfortably – read this article. And if you find yourself under a pile of clothes – read this article immediately!

All these problems are not because of a small closet or a large number of things. And they are certainly not because of you. The reason for the clutter is the lack of thoughtful storage. All you need to do is pick the right approach and arrange things in their places, or as they say – shelves!

In this article, we will tell you what to do with clothes in the closet – how they can be stored conveniently even with a small area or in a small closet, as well as list the various devices for storing all kinds of clothes.

Choosing the type of dressing room – open or closed

Before you design a dressing room, you need to decide on its type – open or closed. Pros and cons of each, let’s list them.

Open type dressing room

✅All your clothes are in front of you, so it’s easy to find what you want.
✅ An open closet or hanging rack type storage system can add to the interior in an original way if you hang clothes by color.
✅ You don’t need to spend a lot of money on building materials and furniture to set up a walk-in closet.
✅ You get used to order, because with the open type of storage, clutter immediately catches your eye.

❌ Things get dusty.
❌ Things fade.
❌ If things are not hung up nicely, they spoil the interior.
❌ You can’t hide your things from view if, for example, guests come over.

Closed type closet

✅ Clothes don’t get dusty, which means less wear and tear.
✅ This type of closet can be arranged not only in the bedroom, but also in the hall, hallway or other room.
✅ Fabrics do not fade, as no sunlight penetrates.
✅ You can store things additionally inside the dressing room, using covers, boxes, baskets, bags.

❌ In addition you need to order materials for the dressing room – walls, mirrors, poufs, drawers.
❌ You have to allocate for clothes storage a separate room or a corner – it is not always possible.
❌ You have to do extra things to get clothes – go to the closet, open the door, drawer, etc.
❌ You can’t see your entire closet at once and may take a long time to find the right piece of clothing.