How clutter affects our lives

One can hardly find a person for whom apartment cleaning is such a hobby that he or she tends to devote every free minute to it. Satisfaction is derived not from the process of cleaning, but from its result. To the extreme, morbid craving for cleanliness is not the point.

Nevertheless, for some people, a mess in the house is an annoying temporary phenomenon caused by an elementary lack of time. For others, it is a norm of life. According to the ancient Chinese school of feng shui, disorder in the home has a negative effect not only on people’s moods, but also on their physical condition:

  • physical condition;
  • relationships with other people;
  • financial possibilities.

Let’s try to understand the relationship between the absence of junk in the house and the above mentioned factors from the point of view of medical science and esotericism.

How clutter affects a person

The results of numerous studies of scientists in the field of medicine suggest that regular cleaning of the house has a beneficial effect on physical condition and health:

  1. Helps reduce the risks of respiratory disease and its development. Regular cleaning of your home helps to remove bacteria and dust, prevent the development of mold and mildew. All this is an excellent prevention of the development of allergies, asthma and other problems of the respiratory system.
  2. Eliminates the causes of DNA molecule breakdown. It is believed that the cleaning process halves the amount of poisonous and other substances that can have a destructive effect on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the apartment.
  3. Prolongs human life. Cleaning involves additional physical activity, which is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. Scientists say that people who clean their homes regularly live 12 percent longer than those who pay little or no attention to it.

For the process of tidying up your home to have a truly positive effect, you should not forget the importance of using safe detergents.

What is the effect from the esoteric point of view

From a psychological point of view, cleanliness, like beauty, has a positive effect on a person’s psychological state. The result of many experiments was the conclusion that the adherents of order are much less likely to suffer from psychological disorders. The figure is somewhere around 20%. In addition, the results of regular cleaning are:

  • a reduction in anxiety and insecurity;
  • Minimization of depressive states;
  • increase of activity, orderliness;
  • improvement of psychological mood;
  • a feeling of a surge of vital energy.

Improved morale as a result of a clean house has a positive effect even on intimate life. Cleanliness is one of the factors of complete relaxation of partners, the possibility to feel the mood for pleasure.

Cleaning also affects the energy. According to feng shui, disorder in the home has a negative impact not only on physical and psychological health, but also on relations with the immediate environment and financial well-being. According to the tenets of this doctrine, clutter in a single living area affects the influx of specific energy.

The entrance hall is the main way for good luck and prosperity from the outside to enter your home. Any obstacles, cluttering obstacles penetrating into the house of positive energy and money flows, contribute to conflict situations. Therefore it is necessary to free the hallway as much as possible from unnecessary stuff, clothing and shoes that are not used in the new season. This area should always be as free and clean as possible.

Order in the living room to attract people to the house with a positive attitude, allows you to create harmony in relationships with the household and guests. It should be well lit, but should not be unnecessarily cluttered with furniture.

The heart of the home – the kitchen – is responsible for financial energy and abundance. It is possible to open access to positive financial energy in the house only by getting rid of chaos in this area of the living space. There should always be order. Particular attention should be paid to the cabinets.

Bedroom is responsible for personal life and is a source of energy for the family. Order in the room for rest and sleep attracts love, strengthens the relationship between family members. It is concluded in the fact that there were only useful things. Clutter, cluttering the bedroom can cause not only bad dreams, but also failures on the personal front.

The condition of the bathroom is an external reflection of the mood and inner world of the lady of the house. To restore order in your personal life, to get rid of insecurity should begin with getting rid of clutter in the bathroom.

Daily cleaning should be subject to the toilet. After all, it’s a place of accumulation of resentment, anxiety, evil. Only putting in order in this intimate area will cleanse the entire house of negative energy, helping to quickly forget all the bad things.


All of the above is another confirmation of the fact that cleanliness is a guarantee of physical, psychological and mental health. To clean your spiritual world, it is necessary, first of all, to get rid of junk, all unnecessary things in your house.