The Attic and Feng Shui

What is a terrible mess in the attic according to feng shui theory

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui says that there is a flow of energy called Chi (similar to wind) that goes through all material objects, including ourselves. Energy Qi, according to feng shui, can be of three kinds:

  • stagnant, or passive
  • Aggressive or malicious
  • Auspicious or positive.

We can not let Qi energy into the house because energy is not a material substance. Our task is to try to create our home with favorable and positive Qi energy.

Let’s start with the attic in the house.

Metaphysically, the attic in our lives symbolizes our future and represents high and new goals.

The mess in the attic is like a barrier to achieving those very goals. That is, there is purpose. There is even hard work, and there is always a little more to the finish line or, if you get there, it is at the cost of incredible effort.

You don’t want to make a dumping ground in your “head” of unnecessary things or things that are slightly broken. Traditionally, we put unnecessary things in the attic, hoping that they will come in handy someday. They won’t, don’t even get your hopes up!

In addition, learn to refuse your friends and relatives to keep things they do not need, which they are sorry to throw away. Otherwise, all of other people’s negativity you take for yourself, and the problems will not make you wait long.

The attic should not turn into a warehouse of unnecessary, broken and forgotten things. According to the theory of feng shui, your blockages in the attic will not let a favorable Qi energy circulate freely in the attic. You yourself are creating a favorable environment for stagnant or aggressive Qi energy to form. Do you need it?

The attic is a room that can and should be turned into a place that should be pleasant to enter. If there is still a need for storage of memorabilia, then try to streamline the storage style of these things. Equip shelves for them, buy clear storage boxes and the like. Then you can even decorate your attic.

Put your attic in order. Allow positive and auspicious energy Qi to circulate freely through your attic. And you yourself will not notice how many things will be given to you with less effort. And energy will increase, and enthusiasm will increase.

It’s time to get your attic in order!